Battle Decks

Deck by Grawrz

Earth Focus

Normal Seed ver S2.TGE

A late-game 1v1 Bruiser that relies on its Apostles early game. It has 2 Utility wind skills and relies on the shotgun damage of Spike Wheel Eruption to close the game.

Since this build is mostly utility, you need to get really strong apostles and to carry you to late game. I recommend 2 Guardians, 2 Mages, 2 Hunters. The guardians are staple, they must always be in the team. The ranged DPS units can be mixed and matched as needed. You will need to swap them in as the situation calls for it. If mobility and stuns are needed, get Mages. If you need more upfront damage, use the Hunters.

In the early/mid-game, use the stuns to interrupt any damaging skills the opponent will try to use, and use the backline DPS to deal as much damage as possible. The goal is to get to a 1v1 so that the Avatar’s bruiser skills will shine.

In the late game, ideally, a 1v1, use Zip Zap Orbs and Tailwind Dash to disrupt the enemy skills and get in close. While the enemy is being continuously interrupted, use Spike Wheel Eruption at point-blank range to deal massive damage. It shreds magic resist so the second cast should do more damage than the initial wave. Try to time it so that both waves of Spike Wheels will hit.

2x Guardians | 2x Mages | 2x Hunters

Skills and Passives

Tailwind Dash Lv1

All Upgrades

ZipZap Orbs Lv1

All Upgrades

Spike Wheel Erruption Lv5

Upgrade: 2 & 3

P2 Gathering Magic


P1 Cloak-and-Dagger


P2 Raid


P1 Tough Skin


P2 Wild Growth


P4 Kindling Fire


P1 Flow



  • Leaping Shield Bonk
  • Baby Cage
  • Most Awesome Aegis/Castle Guard
  • Starfall Gambit
  • Fall Up
  • Switcharoo
  • Headshot
  • Doubleshot Volley
  • Root Vine Trap